Window Decorating Ideas

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Some window decorating ideas are important.Generally speaking, bedroom windows need some covering for privacy and light control. You have the options of shades, blinds, shutters, curtains or drapes. Many bedrooms have dormer windows, which require special attention. A decorator I know had four dormer windows in her bedroom. She wallpapered inside these charming niches and hung simple lace panels on brass rods across the panes.

Curtains to Match Your Style
Choose the window treatment that reflects the style of the room. For example, for a traditional bedroom you might hang pinch-pleated chintz or linen panels from the top of the window molding to the floor. For a formal bedroom, consider graceful balloon shades or full-length tiebacks with a valance to finish off the top. If the bedroom has a large wall expanse of windows, plain draperies that can easily be drawn closed on a track with a valanced top would be a good choice. For a country look, consider shutters or cafe curtains. If a sleek, contemporary look is what you’re after, miniblinds, wooden blinds or fabric shades would look good. Lace panels are perfect for a romantic, all-white bedroom. You can purchase them in a size to suit your window, and they already have holes for the rod.

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Sheer panels allow light to come through and give some degree of privacy. They are always fresh-looking and, if you have standard windows, you can get inexpensive ready-mades. Even if they’re too long, it’s easy to hem them or better yet, allow them to “puddle” onto the floor. Hang sheer curtains on a brass rod with the fabric loosely gathered and held back gracefully on decorative finials at the sides of the windows. Install plain shades behind them for privacy. Many mail-order home catalogs sell ready-made curtains that have a custom-made look. Choose an interesting rod and finials to give them a personal touch.

Perhaps your window only needs a valance or swag of fabric to soften and frame the view. A tall window benefits from a swag or jabot that goes across the top and borders the sides of the windows in gentle folds. A valance caps off the top of a window and, if the fabric matches or corresponds to the colors or pattern in the wallpaper or furniture, it creates a nice finishing detail. Treat a double set or bay of windows as one. This area might be able to accommodate a lavish treatment such as wide tieback draperies and a deep valance that extends beyond the window frames on each side.


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