How To Decorate A Kitchen

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One thing about a kitchen is you need to learn how to decorate a kitchen.The kitchen is the hub of a home. It’s usually the room in which we spend the most amount of time. It is also the first room most people want to renovate. These rooms are like computers—they need upgrading every time you turn around. But that’s a major investment in the realm of renovating and unless you’ve bought a house with this in the financial plan, maybe all you need, for now, is a fresh coat of paint. If the cabinets are old and dark, they can be stripped and refinished, or removed and replaced with open shelves, or the cabinet doors can be replaced with glass-front doors. Perhaps all you need to spruce up the old cabinets is new, modern door handles or knobs. Renovating a kitchen is a job for a professional kitchen planner. There are individual contractors as well as companies that specialize in kitchen renovations. If putting in a new kitchen is part of your first-home project, you would do well to consult a local outfit that will work with you to create your dream kitchen within your budget.

If, however, you’ve just moved into a new home, chances are your kitchen was one of the things that attracted you to the place and the reason you chose it. Think about what you like best about your kitchen and how you want to use this room, and decorate accordingly. People who enjoy cooking have definite ideas about how a good kitchen should function. This is the room that gets filled with good smells and warm feelings, so whether it’s a tiny galley kitchen or a family-size room with an eat-in area, you’ll want to arrange your things for optimum pleasure and efficiency.

Paint Color
Unless your home is brand new, chances are the kitchen will need a coat of paint. Glossy or semigloss paint is a good choice because it can be wiped clean easily. What colors work best in the kitchen? Since this is a much-used room, you want it to be bright and cheerful. When choosing a color, look at it in the daylight and in artificial light, as it will look different. Next, take the size of the room into consideration.

White will make everything look brighter. Lemon yellow makes a room sunny and bright, which is the reason it’s so popular for kitchen walls. Pale celery green is lovely and new with wood trim and cabinets painted white. If the walls are painted white, consider using an accent color on the wood trim. Bright white on the ceilings will reflect light.

If you opt for color on the walls, bring home paint chips from the store and, if possible, have a small amount mixed. Try it on one strip of a wall and live with it before making the final commitment.

Faux Finishes
Ragging, sponging, combing and dragging are painting techniques suitable for decorating your walls. A stencil design can be used around walls, doors and window trim and is an easy project as well as a good substitute for wallpaper.

Transform a dull kitchen with wallpaper. This is an easy do-it-yourself project, but be sure to choose a prepasted paper and be sure it’s washable. There are many vinyl-coated papers to choose from, and these are easy to clean with a damp sponge when the walls get greasy.

Wallpaper borders come in different widths and a variety of designs. They are easy to put up wherever you want a decorative touch. This might be around the window or door, on the narrow wall space above the countertop, around the top of the walls or as a chair rail in the eating area. Consider wallpapering the bottom portion of the wall under the border to delineate an eat¬ing area.


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