Spring Has Sprung

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It feels to me like spring has just about arrived. After a wobbly start with frost and fog threatening the crocuses as they peeped out of the soil, it looks like things are finally warming up. Easter is around the corner and the clocks are about to change too – all things bouncy are on the mind, like new lambs, bunny rabbits and on another track, springs themselves…

I am talking about the springs in our mattresses! With the change of season and a spot of spring cleaning going on at home, thoughts have turned to revamping the sleeping arrangements. With comfort in mind I am attempting to make sense of all the options out there, and I really am spoilt for choice, and as mattress is an expensive investment I really want to make the right choice.

When it comes to springs then the main options are pocket spring or open spring designs, the primary difference being that in a pocket sprung mattress the springs work separately responding to body weight and the result is more luxurious. Then you’ve got latex or memory foam to consider, an entirely different approach where the material moulds to your body. And don’t even get me started on mattress toppers!

It seems to be that the recommendations for a good nights sleep include avoiding fluctuating body temperature as well as focussing in on comfort; and if you share your bed then size and type of mattress will effect whether you disturb each other or not – it’s a minefield!

While you’re at it – don’t forget about your guest beds as they may need new mattresses too. Apparently we are supposed to change our mattresses every 5 to 7 years, so think on – exactly how old is the one your Mum gave you when you left for University?! Time for an update methinks.

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