Fitted Carpet, Rugs or Wood Flooring?

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Way back in the mists of time when the fitted carpet first appeared on the scene, anyone caught with a rug and – oh the shame – their floorboards exposed was seriously out of touch with the decorating trends of the day.

Nowadays it is all about ripping up the shag-pile and crossing your fingers that the original floorboards have got what it takes to be sanded and waxed to perfection. And if you happen to live in a recently built property without a traditional wooden floor, well then get yourself a reclaimed one and put that down instead.

You can achieve a fantastic illusion of even more space in a long narrow room with boards running lengthways, and there are endless designs when it comes to colour, size and finish. Experiment with parquet flooring laid at a diagonal or in a traditional wishbone design for a really classic look.

Bedrooms are an interesting area when it comes to the carpet v wood floor debate: I myself am not a fan of a wood or laminate floor in the bedroom as I like to pad about barefoot and don’t want to get cold. Unfortunately for our visitors however, I have allowed style to overcome practicality and our guest beds sit proudly on some rather lovely dark stained oak. Nobody has ever complained!

A wood floor doesn’t always work in a smaller room somehow either, and the single beds in our children’s rooms are sunk deep into some lovely tufted pure wool – in a sensible mark-disguising shade of course. No chilly extremities for them either! Thinking about it, maybe I need to re-think the spare room, be kinder to guests and at least provide a well placed ‘feature’ rug at the side of the bed as a nod in the direction of warm toes. I’d best get shopping…

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NikolaiOctober 14, 2012 at 11:07 pmReply

The boys love sliding down the floor with their socks on and onto their knees. And their toy cars ride way betetr now I’m so happy with my floor. We bought one that’s slightly more expensive, but you could see it’s was easier to put in that a less expensive one. This ons clicks’ easily in to eachother.