Some Custom Home Design Ideas

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A custom home design is perfect for consumers who dislike stock floor plans When you approach a meeting with a custom builder, you should be armed with ideas for designing each room. Challenge a builder to incorporate your ideas instead of giving into pressure to accept designs that don’t meet your needs. Here are examples of ideas you might discuss for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and dining room:


For the kitchen, ask for a design that accommodates your requirements for custom cabinetry, countertops, windows, appliances, islands, built-in storage spaces, and more. Don’t finalize this plan until you are sure there is enough room for every feature. For example, a chef might request a design resembling a commercial kitchen.


A small bathroom is not a frustration you want to live with after your new home is completed. Ask your builder to create a large, functional bathroom space. For example, you can ask for a room with space for yoga exercises or a private Sauna room.

Living Room

Your needs for a living room will change over time, such as after your kids grow up and leave home. Work with a builder to design a space that can be re purposed in the future. If you are worried, for example, the living room space is not large enough for your kids to play indoors, request a recreation room to be added to the floor plan.

Dining Room

The dining room size is a big question. A builder can create a space small enough for an intimate family dinner or a space large enough for entertaining many guests If you want to include multiple pieces in your dining room, such as a sideboard, a hutch, a china cabinet, and a full bar, you need extra space. You might even need separate alcoves to house these pieces.

Working with a custom builder, you may ask for features you’ve seen in other homes If you get your ideas incorporated into the design for every room, you will not regret buying a custom home.

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